From the Gorre Valley to the sources of the Bandiat, more than 30 qualified hiking trails will introduce you to the Limousin countryside and its inhabitants. With varied distances and reliefs, in the forest or through the countryside, our paths lead to the pleasure of the senses, in contact with a generous nature within everyone's reach. 

Circuit des trois rivières et variante

Hiking footpath | ORADOUR SUR VAYRES

The three rivers hiking trails offers a nice hike within the Natural Regional Park of Périgord-Limousin. This walk offers interesting landscape and panoramas of the Limousin countryside w...

Circuit 'Le paradis'

Hiking footpath | COGNAC LA FORET

The town of Cognac-la Forêt is rich in small cultural heritage. In addition to the pendulum pump, the lantern of the dead and the Gothic cross, hikers can visit the town’s surroundings. T...

Circuit 'La randonnade'

Hiking footpath | COGNAC LA FORET

The « randonnade » trail offers a small hike (1.7 km) in the town of Cognac-la-Forêt. This walk can easily be done with family. You will discover, among other things, the interpretation t...

Circuit du moulin de l'Age


The Moulin de l'Age trail offers a beautiful hike in the town of Maisonnais-sur-Tardoire. On this walk, you will see various landscapes (woods, meadows, rivers,...) and pretty panoramas o...

Sentier du bois des Chapelles

Hiking footpath | ORADOUR SUR VAYRES

Right next to the « greenway » path, you can enjoy a family walk to discover a wetland with animals and plants that give you a good representation of local ecosystems.

Circuit du Loup Garou


A very pleasant trail to discover the chestnut tree forests of the Natural Regional Park of Périgord-Limousin.

La forêt de Cromières

Hiking footpath | CUSSAC

This trail will allow you to discover the Cromières forest in Cussac. During this hike, you will pass near the Cromières castle.

Chemin de Soumagnas

Hiking footpath | GORRE

The town of Gorre opens the doors of the Regional Natural Park Périgord-Limousin. Along this trail, you will discover the town, the church, the pond and beautiful views of the surrounding...